Fool Me Twice

by Ted Limpert

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this music was written, arranged, and recorded by ted limpert. the sound is something like if bon iver, one direction, and raffi teamed up to teach children about what really happens after kissing in a tree. in the end, these songs catalog the journey of a self-sabotaging, hapless man-child who is constantly finding, and not finding, home. i (ted limpert) hope you enjoy, and maybe dance a little bit.


released March 5, 2014

mix and master | Andrew Greacen* of More Sound Studios
photo | Filipe Bessa
design | Maureen Higgins

*Andrew Greacen also recorded bass on tracks 1 and 6, back up vocals on track 2, and helped with final production.
**a very special thanks to the support and inspiration from my family and friends.



all rights reserved


ted limpert. New York

it's a bird.
it's a plane.
it's ted.

ted's music, like an ambitious q-tip, may touch your soul... and may also make you gag.

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Track Name: The Fisherman's Aubade
the fisherman waits
for the tides to change,
but the moon will not compromise
'til she gets her way.
oh stubborn moon.
oh foolish fisherman.
your romance is waning
as the dawn draws near.

she's trouble and he knows it.
he's probably wasting time.
but the fisherman's lost his focus,
'cause she's always on his mind.
and he can't make her love him,
like he can make her stay.
but he's getting used to being patient.
so, i guess he'll just wait.

some say there are plenty of fish for the fisherman,
though that advice may seem inopportune.
the fisherman knows what the sea has to offer,
and he would much rather fish for the moon.

he's under her spell,
her reflection in the sea,
and there's no cure for this fool
or his tragic lunacy.
while she leaves every mornin'
she looks back across the shore,
but she comes back every night
remembering nothing from before.

you are the moon, and i am the fisherman.
you change your mood, and i'll change my reel.

you are the moon, and i am the fisherman,
and i'll wait for you to be full again.

she swears she's forgotten, and he swears he will too,
but the truth is (s)he'll remember that he always loved the moon.
Track Name: Foolish Part II
the traveler is weary.
he carries a heavy heart
as he stumbles from town to town.
his presence is noticed.
he gathers an audience,
and they demand a performance from this clown.

she sits by the window.
she cradles her memories.
she hides her nostalgia beneath her crown.
her room is a prison.
her mind is the guardian,
but her stubbornness keeps her from foolin' around.

and she waits for tomorrow to come.
and she stays in her tower above
all the naves vying for her love.

and this castle is haunted,
but not by a vengeful ghost.
no body is burried beneath the grounds.
it's forbidden romance
and lovers that walk these halls
trying desperately not to make a sound.

the audience scatters; a clear sign that it's time to move on.
this town has grown bitter like cheap wine.
but she'll never find him here again.
no you'll never find me here again.

so she sits on her thrown as she sends him away.
he puts on his costume and prepares for the stage.
he knows she's out in the audience as he takes his place:
you see it's moments like this one that time can't erase.
and he knows what his lines are, he knows what to say,
but she's to stubborn to listen and he's to stubborn to stay.
it's just another silent standoff, just another foolish game,
but this time, this role, this fool won't play.

(the fool:)
we can't stay young forever,
but we could grow old together.
i'm just a fool who's tarred and feathered,
waiting to climb up to you.

the curtains have fallen, the players have all gone home.
Track Name: Last Song
you and i are broken.
time's passed by, but the wound's still open.
we were young, and foolish.
but i can't wait around for you to change your mind.

this will be the last song that i write for you.
this will be our opus.
(you're cold and hollowed out
like an angel in the snow;
i think it's time i let you go)

we, both, got what we wanted;
you married someone else, and i got you to be honest.
i am still. i am still motionless.
but it's time that i gave someone else the chance to break my heart.

(i'm losing definition
like a shadow in the shade;
i think it's time i let your memory fade)

some things need to stay broken
like some things need to catch fire.
well, i've got a pocket full of tinder,
but i'm not sure where i should start.

i don't know if you have changed,
but i am confident that i am different now.

...and just as things start to get repetitive
you stop.

(it's been a couple years
by now it's getting pretty old;
i think it's time i let your pedestal fall)
Track Name: For Now
i'd meet you on a mountain top.
i'd climb and climb and never stop.
come avalanche or falling rock,
i'd do anything to get to you.

i'd build us both a time machine.
then, i'd meet you in a different century.
i'd show you things that you ain't never seen,
and we could rewrite history.

but all i can promise is: things won't be easy no matter where we are.

so for now, i'll meet you in my dreams. for now.
and between you and me the space is closer than it seems. for now.
yea, for now things are good. for now.

if i could take the world and make it flat,
i'd fold it like a folding map.
so that you and i'd be back to back,
and we could travel the world just like that.

i've been to spain. i've been to france.
i'd like to take you somewhere we could dance,
and then somewhere else where we could take a chance.
can't get you off my mind; you've got me in a trance.

we've got so much to do.
i won't give up on you,
but i'm afraid that you'll
choose to run away.
and i can not make you stay,
when you're worlds away.
i hope you're not expecting me to wait.
Track Name: On My Mind
i know all of your stories.
i know all of your fears.
it feels like i just met you,
but i've known you for a thousand years.

time is inconsistent,
i often catch it standing still.
so, i won't move a muscle,
but i hope you will.

this time i won't
try to follow you home.
'cause i know how this ends:
with me out on my own.

you, you're on my mind.
you're on my mind all the time.
and i can tell that i'm locked outside.
yes, i'm locked outside, but i'm doin' just fine.

you came out of no where,
and just as quickly you were gone.
we started like a firework,
and we ended like this song.

but as hard as i tried,
you wouldn't let me inside.
and as far as i could tell,
it was still a surprise
(your spell).

so fool me once (well, that's a shame).
but fool me twice you're all the same.
i'm quite convinced that things won't change.
you're all the same same same game.
Track Name: All's Fair in Height
you've got me thinkin'
that maybe this is not the time for us.
i've been restless, i've been drinkin',
dancin' on table tops.

but i can't think of anything
that i don't already know.
and i'm not gonna sit here waiting
while you figure out if you're going to let me go.

you've made my mind up.
i haven't even had the chance to breath.
maybe, baby, our time's up.
if so, i'd like to set fire to our memories.

i could stay awake forever
just so i'd never see your face,
but that's impossible 'cause:
a) i am a dreamer, and you are my succubus.
b) i'm a believer that you can't give up on this.
c) i am on fire, and you are the arsonist.
well, maybe it's over.

'cause you've moved on, and left me buried.
just a pile of boones so stationary.
you stole my heart, and all your arms could carry.
well, i'm not done with you yet.
no, i'm not done with you yet.

i was ready to build a home out of you?
yes. i was ready to build a home out of you.
but now i guess i'm gonna burn it down.
i'm gonna burn it to the ground.
get a message to the town,
that there's an empty house here.
burn, burnin' down.
Track Name: A New Home
i want to build a house.
pull it together from scratch.
build it somewhere between your heart,
and the small of your back.
well i know i could live anywhere,
but that's where i would choose.
'cause iff home is where your heart is,
then my home is you.

i'd build the living room
on the crest of your cheek.
so i'd be living in your thoughts,
and the words that you speak.
i'd bask in your brilliance,
and the warmth of your smile.
well, i think i might just stay. for a while.

but, if a storm comes rollin' in
and shakes our foundation (and your chin).
i would confide in the complexity of time,
that the structure will hold
until we get old.

and when the winter comes,
and changes your mind.
i'd give you your space,
and give you some time.
but, i'd always leave a light on.
a rosy beacon in the snow.
so that wherever you are
i might still find my way home.

but maybe the timing isn't right,
as our lives begin to flight.
maybe young and in love
is only enough for tonight.

'cause i'm just a boy in search of a home.
somewhere to recline, a place where i'm known.
i can feel the winter coming. i can feel it in my bones.
the season's changing in your heart, with perennial snow.
i refuse to give up on the seeds i have sown
though i'm afraid (they might not survive the cold).
and i don't know if you'll ever be home,
but i'd rather not live out alone.

i want to disappear
in the crook of your neck,
'cause i'm crooked and broken.
there's not much of me left.
but i can't seem to find you
or our house made out of straw.
either someone burnt it down
or it was never there
(at all).